Instagram Autobiography


I have started a new Instagram blog as an art project to construct a fragmented autobiography told through the stories connected to objects in my life. It’s titled “THING LOVE”, because I do love my things! Check it out and I hope to see you following me there.

-matthew waldman

Let’s Contemplate The Designers Of Small Things.


On February 8th, 2015 in japan, a designer whose work is possibly known by more people than any other product designer ever, has died. his name was Kenji Ekuan 榮久庵 憲司 and he designed the famous Kikkoman soy sauce bottle! he said:

“Objects have their own world. Making an object means imbuing it with its own spirit.”

This quote means a lot to me as I feel that my life as a designer was borne of a natural affinity towards animism and moreover, I often feel that the objects and things I design simply use me as a conduit from the conceptual world to the physical world.

wonderful obituary in The New York Times​ today:

-matthew waldman


NOOKRONO™ Now Shipping!


I want to thank all our supporters from our Indiegogo campaign. you have been more than patient and I am happy to say that the NOOKRONO, our first chronograph is now shipping. As we have a small staff and are shipping direct from the NOOKA design studio, we expect all will be on their way by Monday February 16th! Many of you will receive yours before then. We hope you will enjoy them and spread the word on social media about them. There will be new designs in this series available after the supporters receive their product on NOOKA, and they are available for preorder now.


Sincerely yours, Matthew Waldman



ONON Headphones

Introducing ONON! Matthew Waldman’s latest brainchild in the form of smart audio products.  ONON’s goal is to streamline the listening experience of consumers. Unlike most audio products on the market today, that focuses simply on casing design and minimal innovation in functionality, ONON will create smarter audio products through innovative form and function. The products will feature new technologies that will redefine the way consumers interact with audio devices.

ONON’s product portfolio will include headphones, a variety speakers, and other audio accessories and include a user friendly touch interface with a unique cloud based software. The products will work independently from your phone to stream and store music via a wifi or mobile data connection, thus maximizing range and battery life for both the phone and the speaker. The speaker will also feature a parabolic reflecting bowl that will also serve as a charging dock. 

You can learn more about the ONON products and become a supporter of these amazing next generation audio devices via our Tilt campaign; 


NOOKRONO Update, NOOKA On Forbes And More!


Hello Everyone!

Summer is beginning to wind down but we are still going full-steam at NOOKA! 

First off, an update on our Indiegogo project, the NOOKRONO is pushing forward, just passing the 60k mark! Again, we’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! You are all not only helping produce an awesome timepiece, but supporting all future NOOKA endeavors. We’ve still got big things planned for the campaign for the next 30 days, so stay tuned! 

You can read a more in-depth story behind NOOKA and using crowdfunding for the Indiegogo project at Forbes’ website, where writer Karsten Strauss interviewed our founder Matthew Waldman about NOOKA and the NOOKRONO. 

In other news, we’re proud to be a part of the “Sweat with your Sole” September 4-7th in Atlanta, Georgia. Head to to register – the conference itself is for women only but the race is open to all. If you’re in the area come show your support! Did we mention that winners will win NOOKA watches?

Don’t forget to check out the Vault every once and a while – you’ll find deals there that you can’t get anywhere else!


NOOKRONO Campaign Live… And Already Funded!


Hello Everyone!

That big news? Yep, you guessed it… We’re very pleased to announce that we haven’t only announced our first ever chronograph watch, but that it has already been funded on Indiegogo!

This luxurious timepiece was put on Indiegogo not only to raise awareness for the watch itself, but to garner support for the company and it’s internship program. If you’re interested in owning one of these great timepieces, or just want to show your support, head to! You can also find more information on the project at

In addition, we’re doing a brief sale for our Zub 40 Line – select models are 40% off, for 4 days! Grab one while the sale lasts!

There’s even more news (it’s been a busy summer!), stay tuned…

Jon Burgerman Collaboration Now Available! What’s Next?


Hey Everyone! Hope the summer is treating you well! We’re pleased to announce the official launch of the Jon Burgerman NOOKA K collaboration! As you may have seen, this limited edition model has gone up for pre-sale not too long ago, but now we’re happy to say that they are shipping out and open to direct orders. Grab one here!

In other news, Matthew Waldman will be speaking at the Wearable Tech Expo 2014 next week. If you’re attending be sure to drop by Wednesday evening!

Lastly, we have some more big news coming next week… Stay tuned :)


Pre-Launch Madness


Over here at Nooka we are proud to say that we have an awesome party coming up within the next week. It’s the Pre-Launch Party for Zonal and we couldn’t be happier. Zonal is a design show co-curated by our wonderful Matt Waldman. It showcases some of the best designers in the world from various design fields and industries. Make sure to RSVP so you can enjoy the awesome that will be the party!


Spring Sales Alert


Hello Nooka fans, we’ve got a great announcement that we’re excited to share with all of you! In celebration of the spring and relief from this crazy weather, we’re doing a massive sale. Some select items are even up to %70 off! That’s just bonkers, it won’t last for long so you better get it while you can! Make sure to tell all of your friends who’ve wanted our awesome products but haven’t had the funds.


Congratulations Internet!


Today is the 25th anniversary of the internet, and we here at Nooka are proud to celebrate it with every other technophile on the planet. The internet is a bastion of light in the sci-fi that is our future, along with 3d printing and genetic engineering advancements as well as new energy developments. Nooka and our whole team are people who look into the future and as such we are happy to look into the past every once in a while to celebrate the progress we’ve made. Celebrate with us on this glorious day and look ahead with us, and if you’re not a part of the Nooka craze then make sure to join with one of our great products!


Nooka Vault Celebration


The Nooka Vault is the premiere place to get all of Nookas best deals. The Vault holds fan favorites at a discount price allowing more people to experience the Nooka culture. Currently the vault holds two of our personal favorites,  the Zizm Titanium and the Zub Zibi Zirc Blue, two of the most unique and eye catching designs we have. In addition we also have the beautiful Yogurt collaboration and the classic Zem in the Vault.  Check out to sign and be a part of this exclusive club!


Big Fan Monday


On January 29th upcoming star Doc Shaw came into the offices to meet the fabulous Nooka crew. Everyone at the offices loved his presence and we gave him the BMO Zub Zoo 40, a collaboration piece between Cartoon Network and Nooka inspired by the hit series Adventure Time. It sports BMO inspired graphics, colors and a futuristic aesthetic that compliments the character of BMO in watch form. Doc Shaw is an American actor, singer and rapper best known for playing Malik Payne in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne as well as a list of other notable rolls. Doc Shaw will be playing the upcoming role of Ash in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

zizm_ti_front_ft zizm_ti_ft_qt 

Weekly Highlight


Among all of our fantastic watches, some seem to stand out for us more than others. The consensus this week in the office is on the Zizm Titanium watch. With a faceted crystal face splitting it down the middle, it hosts a unique and beautiful look. The soft silicone strap makes it not only comfortable and easy to wear but also easy to clean. The black and gray aesthetic makes it great to wear when you want to be seen as someone who holds both class and style.Currently the Zizm Titanium is on sale at the Nooka store, pick yourself up your very own.


Throwback Thursday: Zot Galaxy


Every Thursday we look back to the past and learn from what we’ve done. Today we’re looking back at the Zot Galaxy, a V-Series watch. It boasts a nebulous Galaxy pattern throughout the body and face of the watch. The Zot Galaxy comes with a soft leather strap, easy to read watch face and conversation starting magic. The Zot Galaxy is currently not for sale but we know that our loyal Nooka fans enjoy looking at some of our past work.


Matthew Waldman Speaking At CES 2014


NOOKA creator and CEO Matthew Waldman gave an amazing talk at CES this year, take a look below or view the video on Youtube! You can also read more about the event and video itself on the Pro Speaker Content blog, written by the team that put the video together.


NOOKA In Vogue, Loaded Mag, NOOKLEAR Sale!


Hey everyone!

We’re coming into the new year with a bang – that is, with our NOOKLEAR sale! Items on our site are up to 50% off for a limited time only, so check it out before the half-life of these great deals comes around!

Continuing our strong jump into 2014, we’ve been featured in several magazines already, including Vogue and the UK’s Loaded Magazine

Last but not least, an announcement about our Hello Kitty Collection. One of our most popular collections is reaching vault status – meaning time is running out to get your hands on this limited edition release as we will not be producing any more! Combine that with our current sale, and you’ve got a great opportunity to get a truly unique item.

We’re super excited about 2014, so stay tuned for all to come this year!

avi_nooka_3dsys_2 image (2) 



Hello Everyone!

Our founder Matthew Waldman is down at CES this year as a special guest of 3D Systems, whom with we did a collaboration to showcase the potential of 3D printing in the advancement of all industries – the least of which being the fashion scene. 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental was rocking one of these during his interview with Engadget – a much watch for any 3D printing enthusiast! Matthew will be giving a talk at the 3D Systems booth this Friday at 2 PM – be sure to drop by if you’re attending!

He snapped some quick pictures of some of the stuff 3D Systems was showcasing, including 3D printed chocolate!


Happy Noo Year From NOOKA!


Happy 2014 everyone!

It’s been a wild holiday season over here at NOOKA, and everyone our teams sends out their best wishes for the new year!

We apologize for the momentary lapse in updates, recent website restructuring has caused issues in some areas of the site, including our blog unfortunately. Expect to see a lot of new material from us, as we have been very busy over the holiday season!

Chief among recent events is the launch of our collaborative piece with Cubify of 3D Systems! At NOOKA we believe deeply in the optimistic future in product development and manufacturing that 3D printing technology is enabling. We decided to use 3D printing to create unique sets of bands for our zub 40 line of watches. You can check them out here.

You can read an exclusive interview of our founder Matthew Waldman by designboom here, where he talks about the unique collaboration, NOOKA, and some of our future plans!

We have also released a limited collection of white/gold and night ZIZMs – this limited run brings a fresh look to one of our most luxurious models. Grab one before they’re’re all gone!

 Stay tuned for more updates from the NOOKAVERSE!


Introducing The NOOKA K, BMO Collection, And More!


We’re proud to officially announce the newest addition to our core collection of watches – the NOOKA K. Using carefully selected materials, the K model is super-light as well as extremely comfortable. The silicone straps provide a soft yet firm fit, and are easier to clean and swap out – be on the lookout for more color options in the future! The line debuts with our most popular watch face, the ZenH, in four colors: Black, White, Cool Grey/Green and Orange/Periwinkle. The watches are on their way here, but won’t ship for another few weeks. But you can pre-order them here!

Also available for pre-order are our newest limited edition pieces for our Adventure Time collection: BMO! The BMO style watch comes in not one but three different versions, but numbers are limited, so act fast!

In other news, our PASUPOTORA and Strip Belts were featured in the newest issue of L’officiel Hommes Germany. If you see a copy in the newsstands be sure to check us out!

photo POTHRA_GLOW 5884b46aa66cad1b768c086a6e3e31b43f1696a3_600 9c8f0a479141ab4cf3ca592db39ac2da25f614fe_600 

One Dapper Street, New Watches, And More!


Hey everybody!

The week has been very busy for a lot of us at the NOOKA lab, as we are starting to gear up for the holiday season! We’re real excited about the holidays this year, and hope you are too, because there will be some awesome changes coming up as we move into 2014.

First of all, if you haven’t already check out our sale section - you’ll find some great models on sale from time to time, especially as we move towards the holidays. Why is this, you may ask? Two main reasons: First of all, we’d like to help you choose awesome gifts and not break the bank, so the sale section is always a good way to grab great gifts for your friends and family. Secondly, we need to make some room, as new models are going to join our core selection! Without going into specifics, one of these models is a refresh/redesign on an older model, and one is a brand new series. Are there just two? Perhaps ;) you may be able to catch a glimpse of these secret new watches on some of our instagram photos.

As of late (and most likely due to New York Fashion Week or NYFW), we have been receiving great press online and in the press. Our eco-project codename: POTHRA was recently featured in the latest issue of New York Magazine – we grabbed a quick snapshot here, which you can also see on their site.

We were also featured in a blog by One Dapper Street on model Marcel Dominik Floruss - the Midnight Blue Zizm is one of his favorite watches! You can see the post, which shows off our lovely Zizm watch here.

Keep an eye on the blog and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more news and promotions!


01 (Custom) BK-nooka1 hungry-g-paper-3_660_855 

Jon Burgerman




“The thing I love about NOOKA is it’s forward thinking - I love forward thinking. Forward vision. Don’t look back, behind us there’s only failing cities and road kill. Let’s press on, foot to the floor, and embark on a new future. NOOKA embodies this philosophy completely.


Jon Burgerman is a UK born and NYC based artist with an eye for the bright and vibrant side of art. His bright, overactive and sometimes deformed cartoon-like illustrations have been featured all around the world in exhibitions and museums. His art is instantly recognisable, combining fluid and lyrical lines, with distorted character forms and radiant pop colour schemes. A sense of British self-deprecation, dry humour and modern-day anxiety imbues his work along with an enthusiasm for salad.

For his work, Jon has received several awards including the Cannes Lions Advertising award and two D&AD Silver award nominations. He has collaborated with a plethora of companies including Kidrobot, Puma, Pepsi, MTV, AOL and Nintendo.

Jon posts frequently on his blog, where you can find up to date information about his recent events, shows and miscellaneous adventures. Lots of his artwork and products can be bought at his shop, Burgerplex.


Labor Day Sale, Noozletter And A Sneak Peek!


Hey everyone!


Here’s hoping everyone has had a good Labor Day – We’re extending our sale for those who were out and about having fun over the long weekend! Head on over while the deals still last!


For those of you who haven’t signed up for our NOOKA NOOZLETTER - you’re missing out! Subscribe and be the first to know about new sightings, events and even deals!


As the year is coming to a close, we’re gearing up for a rehaul of sorts, and that means some of our watches are also getting a rehaul. Stand by for more news on what’s coming up – the noozletter is always the first place to hear from us!





To mark our first Soldsie sale only on Facbook. We are giving you the chance to win all 3 items ( key ring, AO Black and Zub Zot 20 Black) in the image. To enter, register with our Soldsie NOOKA app here. Once registered email with the subject: SOLD! and in the body supply your name, address and contact number for your chance to win the 3 items in the image ( key ring, AO Black and Zub Zot 20 Black).

Winners will be announced Wed. August 28th via email.


No returns and exchanges on giveaway items. Open to all countries. Open to ages 18+ , if under 18 please get your parent or guardian to enter.

nookanooka-nooka-figure-1 tumblr_mr532npnqU1qeds6ko1_500 903845_10151608478750922_1873042076_o 

Pop-up Update, Glee And Our Exclusive Facebook Sale!


Hey Everyone!


For our NYC fans/visitors, have you checked out our popup shop yet? We’re open down at the South Street Seaport for a limited time only, so come on down and say hi! We are still doing the promotional event where you take a photo and post it on our Facebook or Twitter to get an instant 20% off – as a thanks for coming by! We have some cool events coming up – for example, on September 9th we will be having a design your own nookanooka day! You will be able to decorate your own mini nookanooka to bring home; a perfect event for parents and kids! And afterwards, you can watch a free screening of Disney’s UP!


Glee fans, you might spot one of our watches in a future episode! Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang on the show, is loving his new Zex, which he wore to the Do Something Awards. He was very taken with our new innovative way to tell time: “Takes some adjusting to tell time but I like a good challenge.” You can see Shum rocking this timepiece on Fashion of Glee!


Last but not least, we are very excited to start working with Soldsie, which we will be using to host exclusive sales through facebook! The first sale we will be doing is on the ever popular Zizm, which combines extra soft silicone and our thickest mineral crystal display yet for the ultimate future luxury experience! You can sign up for this exclusive sale as well as for future ones here!

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NOOKA Popup At South Street Seaport! First Week!


Hey Everybody!


Things have been pretty crazy since the opening of our popup shop down at the South Street Seaport! The store has settled into the breezy seaside location amongst other popups including Magnolia Bakery, Black Diamond Coffee and TKTS and we are offering awesome deals for fans who come by to say hi!


In addition to offering special deals only available in-store, we are hosting a limited time promotion where, when you post a picture from the store and tag it on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page, you get an instant 20% off – as a thanks for coming by!


As part of the Seaport’s program called “see/change” we will be keeping things in flux, with stock, deals and events happening to make every time you visit a different experience! Want to know what’s going on? Just follow our twitter to keep tabs on the shop! See you there!

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Hey everybody! 


We’re going to be opening up a popup store in NYC’s South Street Seaport in the coming weeks! We are super excited to start seeing you guys in person. Not only will you be able to pick up some awesome NOOKA gear while you’re by the pier, but we’re planning cool events and other exclusives to happen at the shop! NOOKA will be one of the nifty shipping container-turned stores by Pier 17, alongside some other great shops and food stands. We’re still in the process of setting up (once we open you’ll be the first to know!) but if you’re in the NYC area feel free to swing by and say hello, because if one thing is certain it’s that we love our fans! Stay tuned for more updates!

Fall 2013 - V Magazine - NOOKA (Cover) Fall 2013 - V Magazine - Nooka Fall 2013 - V Magazine - Nooka (2) Fall 2013 - V Magazine - Nooka (1) 



Superstar PRINCE has been featured in the Issue 84 of V Magazine rocking our Venus Sunglasses! Always dressing for the future, Prince sported these shades during his feature in the upcoming issue. In recognition of his good taste, we’re putting the Venus glasses temporarily on sale at 30% off!

Blog_post-1 July 2013 - Star - Nooka 

NOOKA On Bravo’s Chef Roble And Co., STAR Magazine!


Hi All!


It’s been a busy week since we started that Summer Clearance sale! Did you all get what you wanted?


Last night saw the sixth episode of the Bravo TV show Roble and Co., which follows the catering team of the same name, as they helped us cater our innovators event at the NY Hall of Science last year! There were some pretty futuristic dishes and everyone had a great time! We even put up a discount code in honor of the show airing!


In other news, we were recently featured in Star Magazine, in a swimsuit feature! Our Mercury Shades always pair well poolside or on the beach!


Interview With Kevin Waldron


Kevin Waldron is a children’s book writer & illustrator. He was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to London to study. He now lives in New York and works from a studio in Redhook, Brooklyn. Recently Matthew Waldman interviewed Waldron for openers, a Japanese web magazine. Read the original Japanese text here


M: you are originally from ireland but now live and work in nyc. what are the best and worst things about each place?

K: i love NY, i’ve never felt more at home anywhere. i’m struggling to think of things i dislike… potholes that ruin my bike?! ireland is a great place to grow up, but there weren’t a lot of opportunities for someone in my field there so i moved to london. london is a great stepping stone for a lad from dublin on his way to the big apple actually. this isn’t very original, but the best thing about ireland is the people & the worst thing is surely the weather!


M: your children’s book illustrations are very painterly. what is your process for creating them?

K: i work in gouache,acrylics, pen & ink, crayon, charcoal, pencil, whatever i need to get the texture i’m after & then usually manipulate the colour on the computer.


M: your books have been translated into how many languages? which country’s response has been surprising to you?

K: i’m not sure! sometimes i discover new ones by accident- the last such instance was hebrew! probably over ten languages i would estimate. a spanish publisher has one of my books in spanish & catalan which is nice & i believe one is being translated into irish.


M: what is inspiring you these days?

K: specifically, right this minute, probably bob gill. i’ve just ordered one of his books i’m very excited about.

generally though, spending time with creative friends i’ve made in new york, yourself being a prime example! it’s very encouraging to get a compliment from someone whose work you admire.


M: i know you hate hollywood movies and much mass-market pop culture. can you elaborate on why?

K: there’s no point denying this! life is short & there’s so much great art out there to be discovered & absorbed. i don’t understand watching something mediocre for example just to kill time or to be distracted, never mind paying for expensive tickets. being challenged isn’t an effort. whatever i’m doing, i’ll have a song or a movie or a story in my head that i’m dissecting & appreciating. maybe i’m just not very good at relaxing!


M: who is your favorite illustrator living or dead?


i went to see him speak here last year. here’s a quick sketch of what he looked like. the three robbers, moon man, the hat, all my favourites.

INSTA photo[3] 

Summer Clearance, NOOKA X FAB, And Fan Photos!


Hi All!


It’s been a busy two weeks, setting up for the summer clearance sale which is now in full swing! It’s getting hot outside but you can still sweat in style with a cool color watch or a sweet pair of shades.


Speaking of shades, a pair of our CMY Mercuries was featured in the new ad for Fab, which has been airing this week! Fab is an awesome site where you can score some really cool stuff, including our watches! You can watch the video here.


It’s always good to hear from NOOKA fans! We recently donated some pieces to Publicolor Inc., a group which offers design-based programs and fosters a creative and nurturing learning environment for kids. They were very excited to receive the watches! Now we’re looking for more fan photos – send them in to and you may see yourself online!