Nooka in Macy’s One-Below

Macy’s launched their new fashion market at their Herald Square flagship in NYC last week called One Below. Nooka is proud to be one of the featured brand in this shop; we are there as part of our collaboration with 3D Systems – the ZIBARI – an asymmetrical wide cuff with a NOOKA watch face, is […]


The Evolving Time of 007

“Spectre”, the latest entry in the James Bond canon opens today in the United States. As we sit here and reflect on over 50 years of Bond, the movies represent a time capsule of each era’s pop culture. Although the character of James Bond represents Old World colonialist values, the movies have always prided themselves […]


Mini Movie Review // Jupiter Ascending

This movie did not do well in the box office nor with the critics, and I am not going to tell you what a fine film it is, but rather that I really enjoyed it. The problem with the public and the reviewers were created by the studio positioning the film all wrong – it […]


Universal Language / Universal Love

NOOKA was founded on the ethos of universal language – an optimistic and positive take on monoculture, at least in communication, as only when we all speak the same language can true cooperation on a global scale accelerate. we give body to this philosophy via the language of design. it goes without saying that this […]


More Starchitecture comes to NYC

  New York City was once the vanguard of architecture, design and innovation – from the world’s first electrical power station on Pearl Street in 1882 to the beauty of art-deco era towers in the early part of the 20th century. I felt the end of the 20th century was fairly stagnant in NYC in […]


architecture and futurism

i want to share an article from the new york times that has 7 famous architect defend famously hated buildings. i was particularly entertained by seeing the amazing daniel libeskin mirror comments i myself have made when discussing paris: “It’s legendary for being the most hated building in Paris. I want to defend it not […]


Matthew’s Minute – NOOKA Vlog

In the Premiere Installment of his regular video blog, “Matthew’s Minute”, NOOKA’s Founder and Creative Director Matthew Waldman gives his review of the Sci-Fi Futuristc Movie, “Ex Machina”. Matthew’s Minute will be regular commentary on design, fashion, and technology in popular culture


tokyo’s hotel okura closing after 53 years

the hotel okura in tokyo, which opened in 1962 in preparations for their 1964 olympic games is an enduring monument to japanese post modernism. well, “was” is a better verb, as it is slated for demolition this year to make room for something more modern and profitable. so go now and get a drink in the […]