Nooka X SiliconeZone


to continue with nooka’s innovation, we proudly announce the debut of truly eco-friendly packaging with the siliconezone nooka gem box. the new packaging is inspired by the nooka gem shape, features a built in c-ring, and made from cooking grade silicone. now proud nooka owners can show off their watches, or warm up their favorite snack in the packaging. each month, nooka will feature a new recipe in the nooka noozletter. the new packaging will be shipping with the new holiday 2010 releases and future collections.

we don’t feel that this packaging, however is limited to just “food”. the material has such an interesting feel and translucence to it, that we are excited to see other uses people come up for it. we will be accepting submissions from our audience that explores the new uses they come up with and will be posted on our blog, along with our explorations here at the nooka lab.