NOOKRONO™ Now Shipping!

i want to thank all our supporters from our indiegogo campaign. you have been more than patient and i am happy to say that the NOOKRONO, our first chronograph is now shipping. as we have a small staff and are shipping direct from the NOOKA design studio, we expect all will be on their way by monday february 16th! many of you will receive yours before then. we hope you will enjoy them and spread the word on social media about them. there will be new designs in this series available after the supporters receive their product on NOOKA, and they are available for preorder now.


Introducing ONON!

Introducing ONON! Matthew Waldman’s latest brainchild in the form of smart audio products.  ONON’s goal is to streamline the listening experience of consumers. Unlike most audio products on the market today, that focuses simply on casing design and minimal innovation in functionality, ONON will create smarter audio products through innovative form and function. The products will […]

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NOOKRONO Campaign Live… and Already Funded!

Hello Everyone! That big news? Yep, you guessed it… We’re very pleased to announce that we haven’t only announced our first ever chronograph watch, but that it has already been funded on Indiegogo! This luxurious timepiece was put on Indiegogo not only to raise awareness for the watch itself, but to garner support for the […]


Pre-Launch Madness

Over here at Nooka we are proud to say that we have an awesome party coming up within the next week. It’s the Pre-Launch Party for Zonal and we couldn’t be happier. Zonal is a design show co-curated by our wonderful Matt Waldman. It showcases some of the best designers in the world from various […]


Spring Sales Alert

Hello Nooka fans, we’ve got a great announcement that we’re excited to share with all of you! In celebration of the spring and relief from this crazy weather, we’re doing a massive sale. Some select items are even up to %70 off! That’s just bonkers, it won’t last for long so you better get it […]


Congratulations Internet!

Today is the 25th anniversary of the internet, and we here at Nooka are proud to celebrate it with every other technophile on the planet. The internet is a bastion of light in the sci-fi that is our future, along with 3d printing and genetic engineering advancements as well as new energy developments. Nooka and […]


Nooka Vault Celebration

The Nooka Vault is the premiere place to get all of Nookas best deals. The Vault holds fan favorites at a discount price allowing more people to experience the Nooka culture. Currently the vault holds two of our personal favorites,  the Zizm Titanium and the Zub Zibi Zirc Blue, two of the most unique and […]


Big Fan Monday

On January 29th upcoming star Doc Shaw came into the offices to meet the fabulous Nooka crew. Everyone at the offices loved his presence and we gave him the BMO Zub Zoo 40, a collaboration piece between Cartoon Network and Nooka inspired by the hit series Adventure Time. It sports BMO inspired graphics, colors and […]