Matthew’s Minute – NOOKA Vlog

In the Premiere Installment of his regular video blog, “Matthew’s Minute”, NOOKA’s Founder and Creative Director Matthew Waldman gives his review of the Sci-Fi Futuristc Movie, “Ex Machina”. Matthew’s Minute will be regular commentary on design, fashion, and technology in popular culture


tokyo’s hotel okura closing after 53 years

the hotel okura in tokyo, which opened in 1962 in preparations for their 1964 olympic games is an enduring monument to japanese post modernism. well, “was” is a better verb, as it is slated for demolition this year to make room for something more modern and profitable. so go now and get a drink in the […]

2015 SDA Student Finalists

Royal Society of Arts U.S. Student Design Awards 2015

NOOKA is very happy to announce another successful RSA Student design competition! NOOKA is one of the founding sponsors of this event, now in its 3rd year. Matthew Waldman is on the judging panel with other esteemed design professionals. The judging and awards ceremony was held at Cooper Union in New York City. learn more […]


Instagram Autobiography

I have started a new Instagram blog as an art project to construct a fragmented autobiography told through the stories connected to objects in my life. It’s titled “THING LOVE”, because I do love my things! Check it out and I hope to see you following me there. www.instagram.com/thinglove -matthew waldman


NOOKRONO™ Now Shipping!

i want to thank all our supporters from our indiegogo campaign. you have been more than patient and i am happy to say that the NOOKRONO, our first chronograph is now shipping. as we have a small staff and are shipping direct from the NOOKA design studio, we expect all will be on their way by monday february 16th! many of you will receive yours before then. we hope you will enjoy them and spread the word on social media about them. there will be new designs in this series available after the supporters receive their product on NOOKA, and they are available for preorder now.


Introducing ONON!

Introducing ONON! Matthew Waldman’s latest brainchild in the form of smart audio products.  ONON’s goal is to streamline the listening experience of consumers. Unlike most audio products on the market today, that focuses simply on casing design and minimal innovation in functionality, ONON will create smarter audio products through innovative form and function. The products will […]

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NOOKRONO Update, NOOKA on Forbes and More!

Hello Everyone! Summer is beginning to wind down but we are still going full-steam at NOOKA!  First off, an update on our Indiegogo project, the NOOKRONO is pushing forward, just passing the 60k mark! Again, we’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! You are all not only […]