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Q1. What does Nooka mean?
Nooka is a contraction of "New Yorker" with a traditional NYC accent. This reflects the creator's love of his hometown and home of Nooka Inc. The 'noo' conveys innovation and a fresh outlook. Nooka also means sunrise in Laotian and is often used as a girl's name.

Q2. Is Nooka a watch company?
No, Nooka is a design company and the line of watches just happens to be the first of a range of design products we have launched. Check out our sunglasses, fragrance, patented belt and asset organizer wallet products! We take commissions as a design lab like a line of shoes and bags to be released by FILA China for fall 2012 – so stay tuned!

Q3. Are Nooka watches waterproof?
Yes they are though we do not recommend you go diving with them. The stainless steel and aluminum watches are water resistant to 5ATM and the zubs are water resistant to 3ATM. Please note that the leather bands are NOT waterproof. If your watch is experiencing water damage, please return to the point of purchase or to us for an exchange. Please remember to include a copy of your proof-of-purchase.

Q4. What do I do if my watch needs service?
First, check the 'service' section on this site, since the answer to your question may be posted there. Many issues can be resolved by replacing the battery. If your watch needs service, always email service[at] to confirm where to ship as there may be a local dealer who can assist you. Also remember to have a copy of your proof-of-purchase.

Q5. What countries do we ship to from the Nooka Online Store?
The Nooka Online Store ships to the United States, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Australia and a few others. If you do not live in one of the countries listed above, please contact your local distributor for retailers near you. or PLEASE NOTE: the customer is always responsible for taxes and duties levied upon delivery and these costs will NOT be reflected in your purchase on For Japan: check out our Japanese site.

Q6. The warranty info in the booklet is specific to the USA. Are these terms the same as where I live?
If you live or purchased your Nooka accessory in the USA, yes. Wherever you live, always check with the store you purchased your Nooka from as their warranty/store policy may give you additional service options. Also, we follow local consumer statutes, so warranties vary from country to country. We want all our customers to have a good experience, so do not hesitate to contact service[at] The standard warranty can be found at

Q7. My Nooka Zub is dirty! What can I do?
The zubs are one-piece polyurethane construction and WILL GET DIRTY. Conceptually, it shows the passage of time and use that is unique to each person. Please see 'Nooka Zub Care' in the 'service' section of this site for more information, but in short, water and a melamine foam sponger [magic eraser sponge, geki-ochi-kun sponge] is best but note: dye transfer stains from jeans are permanent and will not wash out. if dirt turns you off, please purchase a dark color or one of our leather/metal strap models.

Q8. I lost my instruction manual. What can I do?
All Nooka instruction manuals are available for download here

Q9. Do you sell Nooka watches for women?
Yes, our watches are unisex and you can request a lady's length strap for the leather models [special instructions from our site or as a replacement strap if you require], which are designed for thin wrists. The zubs are fully adjustable and fit most wrist sizes. also check out our noo zibi line!

Q10. Does Nooka sponsor artists/athletes/musicians?
Nooka is totally flattered when we get hit up for sponsorships – it shows that we are doing a great job of presenting our brand as a global cultural leader and we LOVE your recognition. the reality is that we are a self-funded start-up brand. this means we do not have the funds nor the staff to implement sponsorship programs like g-shock, nike and adidas has [some history: casio was founded in 1946 and released the first g-shock in 1983, nike was founded in 1978, adidas in 1948. NOOKA was founded in december 2004]. as you can see, we are the new kid on the block. so, when you see a celebrity wearing NOOKA, be assured that they are doing so because they love the design and what the brand represents – not because we are sponsoring them. We do make product available for non-contractual mutually benefitial promotions with artists/athletes/musicians on a case by case basis. contact info[at] or our press agents and do read this link.

Q11. Can I use the Nooka brand as a student or concept project?
The answer is a conditional yes: you may use the Nooka brand in such projects ONLY if you use the following language on all materials published in print or online.
"Nooka" is a registered trademark of Nooka Inc. (all rights reserved) and may not be used without its express written permission. Nooka Inc. has not reviewed and does not endorse any products, concepts or viewpoints expressed on this website/video/publication and no business relationship with Nooka Inc. is implied through any use of its trademark.

Q12. Can I submit a design?
NO. Design is a tricky thing and there is no way to assure that your idea has not already been explored by someone else. This is why Nooka [and every other company] posts or responds with "we can not accept any unsolicited work". The only way around this is to submit work that is already trademark or patent protected. The following rules will apply to any unsolicited work submitted:
All comments, feedback, postcards, emails, suggestions, ideas, and other submissions disclosed, submitted or offered to Nooka through this Website or directly to Nooka for any purpose (“Submissions”) are the property of Nooka. Nooka will own exclusively all rights, title and interests in Submissions, and we shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how and techniques, that you may submit through the website or directly to Nooka, for any purpose commercial or otherwise. Nooka shall not (a) be subject to any obligations of confidentiality regarding any Submissions except as specified in Nooka’s Privacy Policy, as set forth in any additional terms and conditions relating to specific products or services, or as otherwise specifically agreed to by us in writing or required by law (b) be obligated to pay to user any compensation for any Submissions; or (c) be required to respond to any Submission by any user.

Q13. My watch is blinking/beeping/the display is fading or blank. Is my watch broken?
Probably not, a fresh battery will fix all of these issues. Most Nooka watches use a standard CR2016 or CR2025 battery and any watch or jeweler can put in a new one for you. if you are having difficulty with this, contact your local distributor or service[at]

Q14. When will i get my package?
First, please make sure you ordered from before you contact us to track a shipment. If you ordered from us, please note the following: every order generates a tracking number. please check your spam for these notifications from our site. Also note that orders do NOT ship the moment placed – we run our office Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm EST AND orders placed after 2:00pm may not ship the same day. We apologize for the confusion shipping methods cause as they refer to the amount of time once the package leaves us, and we are working at improving customer service to address this.

Q15. Why is there no customer service number on the site?
Nooka is a small company with only one employee dedicated to customer service. Because of this, email is the most efficient way to resolve issues with an online order. We understand that this can be frustrating for some customers but it is our reality at the moment. We are constantly striving to improve the customer experience as we grow. There are numerous other online retailers and stores listed in our store locator page for customers who this may be an issue for.