• "With NOOKA, people don't just ask you what time is and then go on their way, they ask you what it (the watch) is with genuine interest and curiosity. That leads to a real connection through conversation. Your day feels differently after those moments. For the better."

    Gregg is the cofounder of Voxy, the world's first personalized language learning platform, and the current managing director of digital education at Singularity University. He believes that the evolution to one planetary language will be the defining criteria for world peace. While at Voxy, Gregg lead the product for the award-winning, #1 education app across all of Latin America, to building a global workforce of over 50 passionate and talented believers. In 2005, Gregg lived on an island for 33 days observing other humans as a participant on CBS' Survivor. There he honed his game theory, ethnographic research, and machete skills. Today, he lives in Brooklyn, NY with his talented wife, artist Filiz Soyak.
  • "What I love about NOOKA is that it doesn't try to be like any other timekeeping company. It has a singular vision which ignores what has come before and focuses on what telling time might be like if it were invented today"

    Joe Doucet’s ability to fluidly cross the different disciplines of design have made him one of the most sought after creative talents working in America. After graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in 1999 with a degree in Communication Design, Doucet quickly began exporting his vision beyond graphic design into product, furniture, environment, packaging, technology and many other problems that clients have throw at him over the years. As a designer, inventor and creative director, his work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message. Doucet believes that design and, more importantly, a designer’s thought process can play a larger role in innovation and problem solving, as well as aesthetics, whether that be for brands, their product portfolios or for a broader social context.
  • "The thing I love about NOOKA is it's forward thinking - I love forward thinking. Forward vision. Don't look back, behind us there's only failing cities and road kill. Let's press on, foot to the floor, and embark on a new future. NOOKA embodies this philosophy completely."

    Jon Burgerman is a UK born and NYC based artist with an eye for the bright and vibrant side of art. His bright, overactive and sometimes deformed cartoon-like illustrations have been featured all around the world in exhibitions and museums. His art is instantly recognisable, combining fluid and lyrical lines, with distorted character forms and radiant pop colour schemes. A sense of British self-deprecation, dry humour and modern-day anxiety imbues his work along with an enthusiasm for salad. For his work, Jon has received several awards including the Cannes Lions Advertising award and two D&AD Silver award nominations. He has collaborated with a plethora of companies including Kidrobot, Puma, Pepsi, MTV, AOL and Nintendo. Jon posts frequently on his blog, where you can find up to date information about his recent events, shows and miscellaneous adventures. Lots of his artwork and products can be bought at his shop, Burgerplex.
  • "NOOKA is an exciting idea that exposed me to the world of industrial design through fun time concepts and alternative forms of staple accessories – With NOOKA I possess a social object that can start and help direct conversations – on demand."

    Kenji Summers is a man who deeply believes in the enriching experiences that come with traveling the world. No matter how bright you are, being in a singular and largely static environment will only hinder your growth as an individual. The large amount of novel experiences you have when in another country can change the way you perceive yourself and the rest of the world around you.
    This inspired Summers to create Passport Life, a project which would help young adults prepare for potentially life-changing adventures around the world. Last year, Passport Life raised money to charter a flight to West Africa, helping talented individuals make the most out of their journey. They documented this trip into a web series which can be seen on youtube. Recently, Summers was featured in an article on Mashable which gives a great look into the system and beliefs he has put into Passport Life.
  • "The NOOKA brand as a whole embodies this fearless optimism about the future… I’ve always thought NOOKA products are like stolen artifacts from a glamorous utopian future."

    Sougwen Chung is a Canadian-born, Chinese-raised and Brooklyn-based artist. Sougwen has an almost tautological dedication to abstract, organic mark-making that is coupled with a deep-seated infatuation with technology. Her work is a hybrid of traditional art and the immersive possibilities of new technologies.
    Sougwen’s work has been featured in The New Yorker, Dazed and Confused, and Creators Project, and her client list includes brands Chanel, Jagermeister, Nike, and musicians Tom Waits, Sepalcure, and Ghostly International.
  • "NOOKA is not just about design, it’s a feeling. It is being ahead of your time. This universal message is carefully coded inside the products and truly shared by people around the world. Time has never been represented like this before."

    Tamer Nakisci is an Istanbul-based interdisciplinary designer, bridging ideals between the industrial, the organic and the artistic. His work has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Red Dot and iF Product Design Award, and has been featured and exhibited all around the globe.
    After studying Industrial Design at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, he kick started his career at Fiat’s Advanced Design Concept Lab. Among one of his more notable works is his Nokia phone concept, the “888,” a video visualization of which can be seen here.
    He and his brother Ahmet Nakişçi joined forces in 2011 to create Studio Nakisci, a design studio which brings the perfect combination of two different viewpoints of design. Together they bring new creations to life, joining natural and futuristic threads and continuously challenging how we view everyday objects as well as art pieces.
  • "I love that NOOKA takes risks. From its inception they introduced a new way to tell time to watch market and topped it off with incredible design. When you’re doing something different you’re going to face a lot of opposition but those who persevere are always the ones that win."

    New York City based Jabari Johnson is a rising name in music journalism – his webshow Jabari Presents has featured interviews with many prominent musicians today including Nikki Minaj, Macklemore and Justin Beiber. Many of his subjects have boomed in popularity shortly afterwards, lending to Jabari’s knack for noticing artists before they were big names. He has also hosted BET’s web series Face to Face, which focused on popular as well as up-and-coming hip-hop artists.
    Jabari expanded his industry knowledge during his two years at Capitol Records while producing, shooting, and directing documentary content for major artists. Most recently, he has co-founded a new movement in music journalism called Volume Visual, the first multi-channel Youtube network for hip-hop artists. Jabari and his co-founder Benoni Tagoe will use this new platform to assist new partners with production, promotion and securing sponsorships. is calling it “the next great video site for hip-hop artists.
  • "I love the non-obvious nature of the design. I like being shown assumptions that are deeply embedded and reminded they are assumptions. So the face of the watch—the way we display time—that’s an assumption."

    Faris Yakob is a strategist, creative director, writer and self-described geek”. He is the Chief Innovation Officer at MDC Partners and works at kbs+ as their Chief Innovation Officer. Faris was awarded the President’s Prize from the IPA for his thesis on the future of brands and his blog TIGS was named one of the top 10 ad blogs in the UK.
  • "It keeps me on time in style. The faceplate of Zirc Gold works as a mirror. For a girl it’s a useful additional feature"

    Natasha Jen, Pentagram’s newest partner, is an award-winning graphic designer who has made her mark by crossing media genres, drawing on references from a diverse range of sources. She is a winner of the Art Directors Club Young Guns 4. Her extensive list of clients has included Nike, Kate Spade, Guggenheim Museum/Foundation, and Chanel.
  • "No other watches look like NOOKA’s. I like to have unique and different looking things. The watches make me look cooler than I actually am."

    Sabriya Stukes first fell in love with science when she was 15 years old and read Richard Peterson’s novel, The Hot Zone. She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech and is currently pursuing her PhD and studies host-pathogen interactions at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • "This watch is the most consistently talked about thing I’ve ever worn. Random people start conversations with me who otherwise probably wouldn’t have."

    Alexis Ohanian calls himself the “startup guy,” and is known best for co-founding the social news website Reddit. Aside from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Ohanian was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2010 and is currently writing a book titled Without Your Permission, set to be released in 2013.
  • "As a man, I feel that anything being made for the male essential should be simple, chic and up to date and this is what NOOKA does and I love it—clean lines with some of the products and a little more character for the others"

    As a supermodel Shaun Ross has been featured in major fashion publications including British GQ, Italian Vogue and has modeled for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. Look out for Shaun in Beyoncé’s music video “Party” and in Katy Perry’s music video “E.T.’ where he plays her naked-alien love interest.
  • "I love NOOKA for creating a beautiful time piece that I can wear. One which can reflect my personality and style without drawing attention away from my other fashion choices."

    Jules Kim, creator of Bijules, defies time, normality, and traditional forms of expression with her jewelry. Bijules NYC is known for twisting ideas and creating underground trends—such as the “nail rings” and “hairrings.” Jules doesn’t hold anything back, and this mindset has gained her superstar followers such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry.
  • "My favorite is my glow-in-the-dark Zub. I’ve been out at places in NYC or in the middle of the woods where it was the only thing throwing off any light. It’s awesome"

    Dennis Crowley is an American Internet entrepreneur, best known for co-founding the social networking site Foursquare. Crowley has received a plethora of awards including being named one of Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40” and one of MIT’s top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.
  • "No other watches look like NOOKA’s. I like to have unique and different looking things. The watches make me look cooler than I actually am."

    Roblé Ali, reality television star of the Bravo hit series Chef Roblé & Co., has developed a reputation as one of the hottest up-and-coming chefs in NYC and has cooked for the likes of Faith Evans, Rachel Dratch, Russel Simmons, and the late Michael Jackson.