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Jon Burgerman

Artist jonburgerman.com twitter.com/jonburgerman   “The thing I love about NOOKA is it’s forward thinking – I love forward thinking. Forward vision. Don’t look back, behind us there’s only failing cities and road kill. Let’s press on, foot to the floor, and embark on a new future. NOOKA embodies this philosophy completely.”   Jon Burgerman is a UK born […]


Kenji Summers

Social Entrepreneur Founder | Passport Life twitter.com/kenjisummers   “Nooka is an exciting idea that exposed me to the world of industrial design through fun time concepts and alternative forms of staple accessories – With Nooka I possess a social object that can start and help direct conversations – on demand.”   Kenji Summers is a man who […]

SOUGWEN_01 (Custom)

Sougwen Chung

Visual Artist www.sougwen.com   “The NOOKA brand as a whole embodies this fearless optimism about the future… I’ve always thought NOOKA products are like stolen artifacts from a glamorous utopian future.”   Sougwen Chung is a Canadian-born, Chinese-raised and Brooklyn-based artist. Sougwen has an almost tautological dedication to abstract, organic mark-making that is coupled with […]

nooka_tamer_portrait_pick (Medium)

Tamer Nakişçi

Artist/Industrial Designer Design Director | Studio Nakisci tamernakisci.com   “NOOKA is not just about design, it’s a feeling. It is being ahead of your time. This universal message is carefully coded inside the products and truly shared by people around the world. Time has never been represented like this before.”   Tamer Nakisci is an […]


Jabari Johnson

Media Host Music Journalist Co-Founder | Volume Visual www.iamjabari.com “I love that NOOKA takes risks. From its inception they introduced a new way to tell time to watch market and topped it off with incredible design. When you’re doing something different you’re going to face a lot of opposition but those who persevere are always […]


Faris Yakob

Chief Innovation Officer | MDC Partners/kbs+ Founding Partner | Spies & Assassins Author | Talent Imitates, Genius Steals “I love the non-obvious nature of the design. I like being shown assumptions that are deeply embedded and reminded they are assumptions. So the face of the watch—the way we display time—that’s an assumption.” Faris Yakob is a strategist, creative […]


Natasha Jen

Partner at Pentagram “It keeps me on time in style. The faceplate of Zirc Gold works as a mirror. For a girl it’s a useful additional feature.” Natasha Jen, Pentagram’s newest partner, is an award-winning graphic designer who has made her mark by crossing media genres, drawing on references from a diverse range of sources. She is […]


Sabriya Stukes

Biologist “The day I got my first NOOKA, I was asked whether it was a watch or a bracelet. I explained how it worked, to which they replied, ‘If you wear such interesting watches, then you have to be an interesting person!’” Sabriya Stukes first fell in love with science when she was 15 years old and read […]


Alexis Ohanian

Co-Founder of Reddit.com “This watch is the most consistently talked about thing I’ve ever worn. Random people start conversations with me who otherwise probably wouldn’t have.” Alexis Ohanian calls himself the “startup guy,” and is known best for co-founding the social news website Reddit. Aside from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Ohanian was named one of Forbes’ 30 […]


Shaun Ross

Supermodel “As a man, I feel that anything being made for the male essential should be simple, chic and up to date and this is what NOOKA does and I love it—clean lines with some of the products and a little more character for the others.” As a supermodel Shaun Ross has been featured in major […]