Nooka’s Green Position


about 80 million tons of waste is generated from packaging and containers annually according to the US environmental protection agency [planet green]. this can be seen in food packaging [ie: a lunchables meal with every meal item being individually wrapped in non-recyclable material] and overpackaged consumer products [like an SD card packaged in a large plastic shell, further packed in a massive box]. at nooka, we feel that the best packaging is no packaging. while product packaging is often quickly sent to the trash bin to eventually make their way to a landfill, we have always tried to make eco-friendly packaging that is up-cyclable [re-usable] – products in their own right that use as minimal material as possible. we encourage our customers to hold on to their nooka packaging.

although there are companies that purport to using ‘eco-friendly’ materials in their products, the carbon footprint of shipping raw materials must also be taken into consideration; most eco materials are made in the US/europe and not available where most brands manufacture goods [china]. shipping a so-called bio material halfway across the globe to be finished and sent back to the point of purchase is not only economically unfeasible for a small brand like nooka, but has a carbon footprint that we feel negates the motivation. it is very difficult for companies and individuals to get accurate standardized information on the origin of raw materials, carbon footprint of every process [including shipping], and environmental impact. small companies are at a disadvantage by not being able to control their fabrication process compared to large companies nor do they have the PR machines of larger multinationals.

nooka’s “green” position is to produce products that engender so much love from the consumer that it is protected from the garbage bin! it is important to note that nooka products are not consumables and will not end up in landfills at any significant mass, so our focus for now is on packaging. our goal is to have low environmental impact [i.e. low carbon foot print], produce with locally sourced materials wherever possible, and generate good designs that inspire use [to keep the product AND package out of the garbage]

our acrylic watch packaging is found on the desks at the nooka lab holding pencils, pens and general tools. our v-series neoprene sleeves can be used to carry makeup brushes, pens and pencils. The asset organizer’s packaging can be used to carry your cell phone, camera or even your business cards (if you don’t already store them in your AO!). This package also has two thin slits so that it can be worn on your nooka strip. Similarly the strip packaging can also be affixed to the strip itself to carry tools as you do household work! and actually, we will soon be discontinuing the current strip package and introduce a minimal hook/holder that facilitates display in the store and in your closet at home.

nooka recently collaborated with siliconezone to create new up-cycled packaging for some of our watch lines. the siliconezone nooka gem box is made from cooking grade silicone and is multifunctional. the box can be used for baking, freezing leftovers, and general storage. recipes for the siliconezone gem box are added to the Nooka website.
until we can ship our products without packaging we will continue to improve on how we package future products. the siliconezone gem box is one step in the right direction.

Check out: – blog tracking packaging fails and successes article on big companies britain has laws against excessive packaging. sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the UK, was recently taken to court for excess packaging of meat although dell has claimed they are committed to doing away with wasteful packaging, this is an interesting post chronicling dell packaging snafus. nooka packaging featured on the dieline. post on the siliconezone gem box

American Vogue


i got a call from my PR guy that a green AND red nooka are featured in the January Vogue with Kate Hudson on the cover! check it out.

kudos to the stylist and editor…great photo shoot!