NOOKA is a NYC based design lab founded by Matthew Waldman that brings the revolution of interface design to objects. Best known for their timepieces, NOOKA is well branded in the worlds of design, fashion and urban style.

NOOKA as a lifestyle brand and moreover, a platform for bringing the ptimism of technoprogressivism to a wide range of expression – wearable computing, consumer electronic goods, apparel and beyond.

ZONAL – Extending the Body and Mind is an exhibition curated by Matthew Waldman of NOOKA and Marc Thorpe of Marc Thorpe Design to bring form to this brand vision.

Taking inspiration from the vedic chakras, we propose 7 zones starting in the human body and extend it to the world. Each designer assigned a zone will design a product[s] that correspond to that zone. for example: the head zone can be audio products, eyewear, or by extending to the environment at that level, a video monitor or some scent-based product. The zone that encompasses the legs can result in a design for pants, or a bicycle, as by extension, the legs represent locomotion. the zone that encompasses the feet can result in footwear or floor coverings or even something for the lawn or a new design for an electrical outlet.

ZONES: Foundation, Locomotion, Creation, Core, Heart, Head, Dream.


Wanted Design Show in New York City from May 16-19, 2014.


We have a star-studded roster of international talent for this show with more to be added soon! Designer roster subject to change.


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